martes, 3 de diciembre de 2013

To the aventure!

The second project of the course is about two persons: Edd Staford and Roz Savage. We have created a web page about them on wkispaces. Here is the link:
Team 5 Edd Stafford and Roz Savage
We have worked about them in class we have searched a lot of information and our class did a debat to convince the board of school to give some money to Edd Stafford or to Roz Savage for be sponsored by one of them.
I was an advocate of Edd Stafford and I am very happy because Edd Stafford has won of this debat.

domingo, 29 de septiembre de 2013

Welcome to my life

This is the first mini-project of the course 2013/14. This project consist on a presentation of the important thinks of our lives. For that we are using Time Rime editor to create our Time Line. This course we have expanded the old project of My Life's Presentation.

In these moments I am learning to use Time Rime. If you want see my Time Line you can visit my profile on Edmodo.

Here is the link to my time line in Timer Rime:

jueves, 14 de marzo de 2013

Hard Rock Cafe

My group, Alejandro , Joaquín and my self have done the task of Hard Rock Cafe. We have pretended that we are bussnesmen who want to open and. It was the following structure:

We have written a letter explaining to Board of directors what we are going to do: we have the best place  (some explanations of the place). We have shown the situation and the size in detail. We have show a very large menu with specially plates of the home and typical plates. We have done a memorandum with a letter to the Rock Group "Los Suaves" asking for some signed souvenirs. We have organized several events. We have create a shop with products of important Groups of Rock.

Then we have presented the project firts to a Board of Directors (compound by teachers of the school) in the school in the assembly hall and later with a more extended project in a Real Hard Rock Cafe in Marbella to a specialized Board of Directors. My opinion of this project is that was an unforgettable experience.

viernes, 8 de febrero de 2013


A subjet very important to this times where the wars are very common and not the peace.This super famous character is the father of the equality of races (mainly black people). This character was a very good example to following.

We are working about this subjet. We did a lot of activities in class about this character , about his life , her family , his studies... Now my group (Joaquin Rodriguez and Alejandro Torres) and I are working about these aspects in a "Pechacucha".

What is a Pechacucha?

A Pechacucha is a type of presentation of any topyc that carry out the following rules:

- It has twenty slides.
- Each slide last twenty second.
- Each slide express one clear idea in this time.

jueves, 17 de enero de 2013


Now , for some time , we are going to use EDMODO to publicate the information and the works of the class. In this page we started to publicated some post about the new years resolutions. For each correct post the teachers gaves a badge , then we can accumulate budges.

jueves, 25 de octubre de 2012

How learn to cook

In this post ,  I'm going to present my draft about this learning.
I'm going to present how to do "Migas" with some food supplements:

I'm going to do presentation where I going to teach how to do "Migas" I'm going to put some photos.
Then I will add the explanation in audio at the same time that the photos , I can add some subtitles.


1st: I’m going to put in the frying pan , three cloves of garlic with some olive oil, and I’m going to cook some food supplement in another frying pan.

2nd I’m going to remove the cloves of garlic until It take flavour.

3rd I’m going to put some water carefully because when in contact with oil, it  may splash and steam off.

4th I’m going to put 800-1000 gr of flour and I have to achieved that the “Migas” have a good texture.

Presentation about "How to do Migas":


jueves, 11 de octubre de 2012

Interview's Jade's mother

Last Friday 28 th of September we did a interview with Jade's mother , where she talked about it in english and one of us traslate her words and then we had to proposed it several questions about her life.

Her name is Laura , she was born in Enland in a city called Exeter (a very old city) , this city had very important buildings and shops , and a very important cathedral. She lived in many places and she had not the idea of study for her future , but when she was 33 years old she decided study Spanish and went to Spain to be a teacher.

After 12 years old Laura came to Mallorca , and She was there for two years. Later she moved to Motril when Jade was 3 years old. Laura though that here , teachers worked very hard and then she worked in a British school.

Laura love Motril because of the beach , the weather , gastronomy and She love the Spanish people.